Join #VirtualTravelSA Campaign

                                                                     During the global pandemic of Covid-19, tourism as an industry has been flattened. It was an industry that was already struggling due to the worldwide recession. Tourism is a huge income generator – from the supply chain and service providers to travellers. Looking to rebuild the industry, in South Africa, a group of passionate travellers and industry people have ignited #VirtualTravelSA.

This exciting campaign is about promoting the tourism industry in our beautiful country. With travel at a stand-still, their platform is about creating virtual experiences of what is on offer in our country and encourage everyone to support and travel locally after the lockdown. We need to show the world what we have on offer so that when borders are opened up and physical travel is possible again,  we will be on the top of the list of countries to explore. If we stop and do nothing, nothing will happen. Join in promoting your own offerings and our beautiful country. Find out more by following the below link: Hope to see you involved!


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