Zee’s Terms & Conditions

All prices are inclusive of entrance fees and excludes all meals so as to facilitate a wider variety and the freedom of choice. All vehicles are compliant to Legal Authority standards. All vehicles have passenger and public liability insurance. Zee’s Cape Tours reserves the right to source similar vehicles if needed. All Tour Guides are experienced, competent and registered with the appropriate government authorities.

Departure and arrival times are approximate but could be affected by weather, road closures, time constraints and other unforeseen mishaps but are adhered to as stringently as possible. Prices, destinations and special attractions may change without prior notice. Personal items and luggage are carried at owner’s risk.

Remember it is your tour and we are flexible to suite your specific needs.

Zee’s Cape Tours CC, their servants, their agents or other persons directly or indirectly in the employment of Zee’s Cape Tours CC shall not be responsible for, and shall be exempt from all liability in respect of any loss, damage, breakdown, injury, accident, death, delay or inconvenience to any person or their luggage or other personal property, whether the same shall occur or arise from, or be occasioned by the negligence of Zee’s Cape Tours CC, their servants, their agents or any other person directly or indirectly in the employment or service of Zee’s Cape Tours or otherwise under any circumstances whatsoever.

Alcoholic Beverages are allowed as is reasonable. Intoxication and abuse of alcohol will not be tolerated. Zee’s Cape Tours or their employees will not be held liable for any mishap during and after the consumption of alcohol regardless of the amount consumed.

All Children accompanied by their parents or guardian, will abide by the rules of Zee’s Cape Tours and remain the ultimate responsibility of said parent or guardian. All clients, prior to departing on any tour with Zee’s Cape Tours, would be expected to sign an indemnity document, which is legally binding and aims to safeguards the client, Zee’s Cape Tours and the employees of Zee’s Cape Tours.

It should be noted that all highlights, due to weather or time constraints, may or may not be visited. For whatever reason Zee’s Cape Tours shall not be held accountable.

Please contact us with any questions relating to the terms and conditions.

Safety and Security

As much as Zee’s is devoted to ensure an enlightening, fun filled adventure, we are committed to ensure the safety of our guests. Our guides and drivers are equipped and trained to manage unforeseeable incidents such as crime, injury, vehicles breakdowns and accidents.

Zee’s Cape Tours are affiliated with various tourist associations and receive daily updates of regular routes.

All guests will be informed about emergency procedures and emergency contact numbers.

Your safety determines our success